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RMClock is a small GUI application designed for real-time CPU frequency
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RMClock is a freeware. A small program to view the details of you processor.
You can see properties in different tabs.
There are a lot of settings. The monitoring datas can be logged, like the CPU clcok, FID (Frequency, like 2.8 Ghz), CPU load (or the working of processor), CPU temperature, CPU throttle (a feature of CPU which slows down
the processor when the internal temperature / heat passes a certain point), OS load, VID (the voltage drop across the processor OR the voltage used be processor) and CPU overheat alerts, etc. There are monitoring graphs for the same data, with respect to time.

The power plan of the operation system can be modified. In Windows XP, you do not have much options to set. But in Vista, the power plan settings have many options. This program can set / modify them by creating a custom power plan. Power settings for the PCI Express slot, display, searching and indexing, etc are available. Processor power management can set the percentage of CPU usage for certain occasions.

One similar thing is the processor load management to reduce the working of processor and its temperature or heating. Processor information is also available, but it is not much advanced!

Anyway, this is a really good program to monitor the processor temperature.

Zack Martin
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  • Freeware
  • Small program
  • Processor monitoring in taskbar
  • Logging temperature sensors
  • Many languages are supported
  • OS power management interface and battery info


  • Not much advanced information about the CPU
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